Halloween Special ! Ugliest Ship ever

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-HMS Victoria (1887) (1)
-french hotel warships (1)*
-The round ship (1)
-USS Choctaw (2)
-hoche (1)
-nelson (1)
-thaon di revel (1)
-hms argus (1)
-PPA(?) (1)
On 18 votes, the rest are blanks.
Seems the civil war Choctaw is a …winner. This will be our 2024 Halloween post then 😉

*In that case, there were Hoche and Henri IV, but Massena is a solid contender as well among these “Hotels”.
The “round ship” was one of the two Russian “Popovka” of the late 1870s. The Peresviet was also close to enter the contest. The other one was the Sinope class
Argus and Choktaw were not in this picture and indeed also often cited.

And here is more ugliness, civilian side…
Have a nice november all !..

About Warships Aesthetics:

Agreed, it’s difficult to separate objectively an “unconventional” from “ugly” warship sometimes.
Aesthetic views are more acute in terms of civilian ships perhaps, especially liners where good looks are “part of the package”.
For a warship functionality dictates its looks, but sometimes there can be a flare of good aesthetics that were not always intented, like the Italian-built destroyer Tashkent, nicknamed “blue beauty”.

When type of warships resembled each others it’s often due to imperatives fixed by treaties or maximization of design and thus, conventional outlook reigns supreme, aesthetics views thus starts to shift to an accepted standard, deviancy it thus perceived as a “lack of taste”. Ships with the artillery all forward like the Nelsons were mocked by RN sailors when completed. Thy nicknamed them “nelsol” and “rodnol” as they somewhat recalled the general shape or oilers. But they were just unconventional.
Look at his profile below:

So, ugly or just unconventional ?

For inspiration


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