Pre Industrial Naval History

Naval History: Pre-industrial Timeline


The Industrial age

Without a doubt the steam engine, an idea going back to the antiquity and matured thoughout the XVII and XVIIIth cent. arrived to the stage of practical application. From 1801 to 1899, power and safety improved radically, transforming the world and converting the sailing ships to steam gradually over the century. Still, the sail survived thoughout the next centuries.

The Industrial revolution


The Enlightenment Age

Fleets are growing in accordance to the size of the empires, the seven years war as a tasting ground for fleets, the independence of the USA, science and technology going haywire as well as the time as ideas about power and ultimately… revolution.

The Enlightenment


The Renaissance

The western world discovers another continent, ships and navigation are radically improving helping to create the first empires as science of the ancients is rediscovered via the Islamic civilisation.

The Renaissance


The Medieval Era

The fall of the Roman Empire creates a power vacuum in the Mediterranean, the cradle of western civilization. A relatively chaotic period, not helped by feudalism and religious fanaticism. Between the Byzantines and Vikings however, the sea could be ruled again and new types of ships emerged.

The Medieval Age

-800 BC

The Antiquity

Since the Bronze age, navigation, mostly coastal is developing fast in the Mediterranean, helping trade to grow and seeing the birth of the first thallasocraties, Athens and Carthage. However a newcomer with no maritime traditions from the Latium in Italy is changing the rules…

The Ancient World