Active class Cruisers

Active class cruisers

United Kingdom (1911)
Active, Amphion, Fearless

The last prewar scout cruisers

This class of three ships were closely derived from previous Blonde/Boadicea scout cruisers. This third group only counted Amphion and Active, but the Fearless was built on similar plans a few months later. These three units were operational in 1913. With a few adjustments in armour, the main observable difference from previous classes were an arched bow of the new “breakwater” model. These ships also received extra AA 76mm guns during the war.

HMS Active 1917
HMS Active, 1917


The Active served in the 2nd destroyers flotilla, being transferred to Harwich. Then, after a quick mission in the Grand Fleet, joined the fleet division 4 in Portsmouth, and after 1917 in Queenstown, and after that was based in the Mediterranean. She was withdrawn from service in 1920 and later sold for scrap.

The HMS Amphion was assigned to the 3rd fleet Division in Harwich, engaged and later was sunk in August 6, 1914 by one or several of the mines laid by German auxiliary cruiser Königin Luise, becoming the first naval loss of the war.

HMS Fearless after its collision.

The HMS Fearless served with the 1st Fleet division in Harwich before becoming leader of the 12th squadron of submarines, and finally served as flotilla leader for destroyers of the “K” class. She was took part in the Battle of May Island January 31, 1918, spurring the K17, and was withdrawn from service in 1921.


The Active class on wikipedia
Specs Conway’s all the world fighting ships 1921-1947.

St Vincent specifications

Dimensions 163,4 x25,6 x8,5 m
Displacement 19 560t, 23 030t FL
Crew 758
Propulsion 4 screws, 4 Brown-Boveri turbines, 18 Wagner boilers, 24,500 hp
Speed 21 knots
Range 6,900 nmi (12,800 km; 7,900 mi) at 10 knots (19 km/h; 12 mph)
Armament 10 x305mm (5×2), 20 x102mm, 3 TT 457mm (port, starboard and aft)
Armor Belt 250, Battery 200, Barbettes 230, turrets 280, blockhaus 280, bridge 75 mm.


HMS Amphion
HMS Amphion illustration in august 1914.

HMS Fearless in 1913HMS Amphion in august 1914.HMS Amphion in august 1914.

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