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Oden class coast defence ships (1897)

Swedish Navy – HSwMS Oden, Thor, Niord 1894-1937 The Oden class was a class of armored ships in the Swedish…

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Arado 196 (1937)

German observation Floatplane (1937), 541 produced 1939-44. The Arado 196 in brief The Arado Ar 196 was a German single-engine…

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Izumrud class (1903)

Russian Empire, 1902-1914. Protected Cruisers: Izumurud, Zhemchug Izumrud (“Emerald”) was a protected cruiser of the Imperial Russian Navy, Russian built…

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Aragon class cruisers (1879)

Armada (1880-1905): Aragón, Navarra, Castilla The Aragon class were three unprotected wooden-built cruisers between 1869 and 1882 for the Spanish…

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New fleet ! – Equadorian Navy

The Equadorian navy: The Ecuadorian Navy (Armada del Ecuador) is a green water navy tasked of the surveillance and protection…

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HMS Swift (1907)

Destroyer built 1903-1907, service until 1918. Sir Jackie Fisher’s Uber Destroyer HMS Swift is very peculiar in the Royal Navy…

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Sachsen class (1877)

Central Citadel Ironclads built 1874-83: SMS Sachsen, Bayern, Würtemberg, Baden. Service until 1910-1920 The Sachsen class were called “armored corvettes”,…

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USS Argonaut (1927)

Cruiser submarine (1925-1943) The unique V4, SM-1, SS-166 or USS Argonaut was an experimental US Navy cruiser submersible, and world’s…

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Bellona class cruisers

United Kingdom (1942-44) HMS Bellona, ​​Black Prince, Royalist, Spartan, Diadem The British AA cruisers, reloaded These ships were derived from…

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B class submarines (1904)

Patrol Submersibles 1904-1906, service until 1918. B-1 to B-11, 11 completed total The B class submersibles were the follow-up of…

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