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Fairey Albacore

Fleet Air Arm Torpedo Bomber Reconnaissance Carrier-based biplane (1938-1943) RNAS/FAA 1940-49: 800 built. The Fairey Albacore (“Applecore”) is a single-engine…

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Galveston (CLG) class Missile Cruisers (1958)

Cleveland class Missile Conversion SBC 140/140A 146/46A US Navy 1958-79: Galveston & Providence subclasses: USS Galveston, Little Rock, Oklahoma City,…

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Chilean Navy – Cold War

Chile National Day ! New fleet: The Chilean Navy in the cold war (1947-1990): After the interwar only substantial naval…

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IJN Akitsushima

Imperial Japanese Navy, protected cruiser (1890-1923) IJN Akistushima was the first Japanese-built, British-designed cruiser, with elements of USS Baltimore. Her…

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30 Knotters

United Kingdom (1895-1921) C class: 40 ships. The lineage of British Destroyers started with the “26-knotters” in 1892 by Yarrow,…

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Gleaves class destroyers (1940)

Fleet Destroyers (1939-70s) – 66 destroyers: USS Gleaves, Niblack, Livermore, Eberle, Plunkett, Kearny, Gwin, Meredith, Grayson, Monssen, Woolsey, Ludlow, Edison,…

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Type 205 submarines (1962)

Bundesmarine (1960), 12 boats: U-1 to U-12 The Bundesmarine’s reboot subs U9 of the 205mod class in the north sea,…

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Minas Gerais (1956)

Brazilian Navy (1956-2001) Fleet Aircraft Carrier (ex-HMS Vengeance, Colossus class 1942 light fleet carrier program) Brazil Day ! – We…

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Barracuda class submarines (1951)

US Navy Attack Submarines (SSK) 1951-1974 Third entry into the cold war USN submarine tree, after the GUPPY class and…

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Mitsubishi G3M “Nell”

Imperial Japanese Navy, 1,048 built Ka-15, Type 96 Rikko, G3M1, G3M2, G3M3 by Mitsubishi, Nakajima and YokosukaBomber/Recce codename “Nell”, Transport…

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