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Redoutable class submersibles (1928)

Redoutable class submersibles (1928) France (1928-45), Oceanic Submersibles, 31 completed. France’s largest submarine class The “Redoutable class” -official name was…

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Commandant Teste (1929)

Commandant Teste (1929), French seaplane carrier Marine Nationale (1927-1942) The French Marine Nationale interwar seaplane carrier The Commandant Teste was…

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600/630 Tonnes Type Submersibles (1925-38)

600/630 tonnes series submarines French 2nd class oceanic submersibles (1925-1938) Sirène (4), Ariane (4), Circé (4), Argonaute (5), Diane (9),…

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Requin class submarines (1924)

Requin class submersibles (1924) French Marine Nationale – Oceanic Types 1923-1947: Caïman, Dauphin, Espadon, Marsouin, Morse, Narval, Phoque, Requin, Souffleur…

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Emile Bertin (1933)

Emile Bertin (1933) France – Treaty Light Cruiser 1828-1959 An innovative French cruiser Named after a famous French naval engineer,…

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De Grasse (1946)

AA Cruiser FS De Grasse (1946) French Navy (1946-1976) De Grasse was the first French post-WW2 cruiser completed, with Colbert….

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WW2 French Battleships

WW2 French Battleships France, 11 Battleships (1910-1940) Introduction In thirty years, from her first dreadnought battleship, Courbet, started late, in…

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WW2 French cruisers

WW2 French cruisers France (1923-1940): 24(+4) cruisers Introduction The topic of French cruisers could be summup in a few points:…

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Jeanne d’Arc (1930)

Jeanne d’Arc (1930) French Navy – Light cruiser The fourth namesake School cruiser Second generation of warship bearing this name,…

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Dunkerque class Battleships (1935)

Dunkerque class Battleships (1935) France – Dunkerque, Strasbourg Genesis: The Dunkerque (Dunkirk) class (Dunkerque and Strasbourg) were the first French…