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Tango class submarines (1972)

Project 641B Som (NATO “TANGO”) conventional attack submarines 18 submarines (1972-2016), B-series (random numbers). The B-443 class or Project 541B…

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Udaloy class destroyers (1980)

13 destroyers (15 planned) 1980-today: Udaloy, Vice-Admiral Kulakov, Marshal Vasilyevsky, Admiral Zakharov, Admiral Spiridonov, Admiral Tributs, Marshal Shaposhnikov, Admiral Levchenko,…

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Avenger class Escort Aircraft Carriers (1943)

Royal Navy – Escort Aircraft Carriers (1942-43)HMS Avenger, Biter, Dasher, Charger (recom. USN as CVE-30) Avenger class escort aircraft carriers:…

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ARA Veinticinco de Mayo (1969)

Argentinian Aircraft Carrier, ex-HNLMS Karel Doorman (R81), HMS Venerable (R63) (1969-1997) The ARA Veinticinco de Mayo (V-2), no. 1 of…

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Jordanian Navy

The Royal Jordanian Navy is an oddity since the country is landlocked except for its southern extremity, presenting a coast…

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Georges Washington class SSBN (1959)

Nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarines (1958-61), service 1959-1985: USS George Washington, Patrick Henry, Theodore Roosevelt, Robert E. Lee, Abraham Lincoln (SSBN-598…

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Principe Amedeo class ironclad (1872)

Italian Regia Marina, 1874-1900 Too late for the war with Austria: The Principe Amedeo class the last ironclad warships built…

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Vought VE-7 (1917)

Vought VE-7 (1917) Naval Fighter – 128 built The Vought VE-7 “Bluebird” was an early biplane of the United States….

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Essex class (Cold War)

Fleet aircraft carriers – SBC-27, 125 and 144 Programs 17 ships 1943-1990 USS Hornet in 1954 in the Carribean 4…

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The Iraqi Navy – New fleet

The Iraqi Navy in the Cold War Although the Iraqi coastline is very short — just 58km — she maintained…