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Delta III class submarines

Project 667BDR ‘Kalmar’ nuclear missile attack submarines 14 ballistic submarines (Delta III). The Delta III class SSBNs of the ex-Soviet,…

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Restigouche class destroyers (1954)

Royal Canadian Navy – Restigouche, Chaudière, Gatineau, St. Croix, Kootenay, Terra Nova, Columbia DDE-257 – DDE-260 and DDE-235-36 The Restigouche-class…

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Juliett class SSG

Project 651: 16 SSG Conventional Missile Attack submarines (NATO Juliett). Project 651 submarines (NATO Juliett) were conventionally powered cruise-missile launching…

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WW2 IJN Gunboats

22 gunboats, 100+ armoured riverine ones. The Imperial Japanese Navy Gunboats: A wide topic encompassing pre-WW1 and WW1 models as…

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Type 206 submarines

Bundesmarine, 18 boats: U-192-199, U-170-179 1972-2011 The Type 206 diesel-electric submarines were the next generation of 1970s U-boats developed by…

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New Fleet ! – The Icelandic Navy

The Icelandic Navy from 1918 to Today. The coast guard is today the only standing force protecting Icelandic extensive EEZ….

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Georges Leygues class Frigates (1976)

Guided missile Frigates 1976-2022: FS Georges Leygues, Dupleix, Montcalm, Jean de Vienne, Primauguet, La Motte-Picquet, Latouche-Tréville D-640-646 The Georges Leygues…

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Astraea class protected cruisers (1893)

United Kingdom (1891-1923) HMS Astraea, Bonaventure, Cambrian, Charybdis, Flora, Forte, Fox, Hermione The Astraea class were provided under the Naval…

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SS X1 (1955)

Midget Submarines (1955) (1952-1970) The USN followed British midget subs progresses in 1950, and tested that year the XE-7 on…

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Tribal class destroyers (1905)

UK Royal Navy: 12 ships completed: Afridi, Cossack, Ghurka, Mohawk, Tartar, Amazon, Saracen, Crusader, Maori, Nubian, Viking, Zulu (1905-1920) E…