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Sheffield (Type 42) class missile destroyers (1971)

Royal Navy Guided Missile Destroyers (1975-2013): HMS Sheffield, Birmingham, Newcastle, Coventry, Glasgow, Cardiff, Exeter (b2), Southampton, Liverpool, Nottingham, Manchester(b3), York,…

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USS Seawolf (1957)

Nuclear Attack Submarine 1958-1985. USS Seawolf (SSN-575) was the third of this name, and the USN second nuclear submarine, and…

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USS Bainbridge CGN-25 (1961)

Nuclear-Powered Guided Missile Cruiser CGN-25 (1961-96). USS Bainbridge (DLGN-25/CGN-25) was a nuclear-powered guided missile cruiser of the United States Navy,…

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Moskva class Helicopter Cruisers (1965-68)

Project 1123 Kondor 1962-96 Moskva, Leningrad, Kiev (cancelled) The Moskva and Leningrad were the first “aircraft carriers” built by the…

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HMS Bristol (1969)

Guided Missile Destroyer D23, sole of her class (1973-2020, preserved). The Type 82 destroyer only had a single ship in…

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Zulu class submarines (1952)

Project 611 (NATO “Zulu”) conventional attack submarines 26 submarines 1952-57 The Project 611 (NATO Zulu class) were an early postwar…

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Petya class Frigates (1960)

Project 159 class, Strozhevoi Korabl (light escort) Frigates 8 General Purpose Frigates 1948-1970: 54 completed. One aspect of the Soviet…

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HMS Hermes (1953)

Fleet Aircraft Carrier 1944-2017: HMS Elephant (1944), HMS Hermes (1959-85), INS Viraat (1986-2021) The story of HMS Hermes is one…

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Impetuoso class destroyers (1952)

The first Italian postwar destroyers Built 1952-83: Impetuoso, Indomito Italy Army Day ! The Impetuso or Indomito class depending on…

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Leahy Class Cruisers (1963)

9 cruisers (1961-64): USS Leahy, Harry E Yarnell, Worden, Dale, Richmond K Turner, Gridley, England, Halsey, Reeves (DLG-16 to 25)….