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Leahy Class Cruisers (1963)

9 cruisers (1961-64): USS Leahy, Harry E Yarnell, Worden, Dale, Richmond K Turner, Gridley, England, Halsey, Reeves (DLG-16 to 25)….

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Kola class frigates (1951)

Project 42 Sokol class, Strozhevoi Korabl (light escort) Frigates 8 General Purpose Frigates 1949-1980 The Kola class frigates were known…

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Duperré class destroyers (1956)

French Navy (1954-92), T53 design. Duperré, La Bourdonnais, Forbin, Tartu, Jauréguiberry D633-637 Second class of postwar destroyers built for the…

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Whiskey class submarines

Project 613 (NATO “Whiskey”) conventional attack submarines 215 submarines (340 initially) 1951-58 After seeing the GUPPY, K (Barracuda) and Tang…

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Albany class (CG) Missile Cruisers (1962)

US Navy Project SCB 172. 1962-80: USS Albany, Chicago, Columbus (CG-10, 11, 12). The “Tall Ladies” Last US cruiser missile…

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Dédalo (1967)

Spanish Aircraft Carrier (1967-1989) The Dédalo (1967) was Spain’s second aircraft carrier, after her namesake (1922-1947) being more a seaplane…

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Tang class submarines (1951)

US Navy Attack Submarines (SSK) 1949-1984 The Tang class submarines were the first generation postwar diesel attack submarines. Unlike the…

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Centaur class Aircraft Carriers (1947)

United Kingdom: 4 aircraft carriers: HMS Albion, Centaur, Bulwark, Hermes, 4 more cancelled The first postwar British aircraft carriers First…

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Kotlin class destroyers (1958)

Project 56, 56A, 56M (1958-1988) 27 conventional, ASW and missile destroyers The Kotlin (project 56) are the first “true” post-war…

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Galveston (CLG) class Missile Cruisers (1958)

Cleveland class Missile Conversion SBC 140/140A 146/46A US Navy 1958-79: Galveston & Providence subclasses: USS Galveston, Little Rock, Oklahoma City,…