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Erzherzog Ferdinand Max class (1863)

Austrian Navy, 1862-1883: SMS Erzherzog Ferdinand Max, Habsburg The Erzherzog Ferdinand Max and Habsburg were built for the Austrian Navy…

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HL Hunley (1863)

Confederate Navy (1863) Single prototype, following Pioneer and American Diver 1861-63 So many books and documentaries, even featured films were…

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Kaiser Max class ironclads (1862)

The broadside ironclads with a double life Austro-Hungarian Navy, 1862-1883: SMS Kaiser Max, Juan d’Austria, Prinz Eugen Austrian Fleet |…

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Drache class ironclads (1860)

The first Austro-Hungarian Broadside ironclad Austro-Hungarian Navy, 1862-1883: SMS Drache, Salamander Austrian Fleet | pre-WW1 fleet | WW1 fleet The…

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Radetzky class Frigates (1854)

Radetzky class Frigates (1857) Austrian Navy 1854-88: SMS Radetzky, Adria, Donau Design In 1852, the Austro-Hungarian Navy’s high command proposed…

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Novara class steam Frigates (1853)

Novara class Steam Frigates (1857) Austro-Hungarian Navy 1843-1900, SMS Novara, Schwarzenberg The Novara class was one of two largely similar,…

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CSS Stonewall/Kōtetsu/Azuma (1864)

Kōtetsu (1864)

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USS Spuyten Duyvil (1864)

USS Spuyten Duyvil (1864) Union Navy The first USN Torpedo Boat After suffering against Confederate use of the torpedo, the…

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USS Monitor (1862)

USS Monitor (1862) Union Navy First of the name & defining a type: The Monitor The USS Monitor is not…

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SMS Herzerzog and Novara steam corvettes (1857)

Erzherzog Friedrich class Steam Frigates Austrian Steam Corvettes (1857) Design of the Erzherzog Friedrich Class The construction of these wooden…