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Novik class destroyers (1911-1917)

A Long lineage and new standard: Novik (1911) Russian Empire/Soviet Navy 1910-1941 In destroyer history, there are a few landmarks…

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ww2 soviet cruisers

WW2 Soviet Cruisers Between prewar, interwar and cold war designs, the Soviet Union’s Navy (Sovietsky Flota) aligned about 32 cruisers,…

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ww2 soviet sub-chasers: MO types, BO types and guardships

WW2 Soviet Submarine Hunters Development of sub-chasers: The WWI experience Submarine-chasers (or “submersible” chasers as they shoud be called) appeared…

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ww2 Soviet Minesweepers

WW2 Soviet Minesweepers Soviet Navy – 327 minesweepers 1924-45 Introduction: Soviet Mine warfare WW2 About early Russian naval mines &…

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ww2 Soviet Motor Torpedo Boats

Soviet WW2 Motor Torpedo Boats Soviet Navy 1921-45: Circa 400 Boats During WW2, the Soviet Navy went on producting motor…

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Chapayev class cruisers

Project 68 Chapayev class cruisers (1941)

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WW2 Soviet submarines

WW2 Soviet submersibles Soviet Navy – 238 submersibles 1928-45 Boats surviving the civil war long before the civil war, with…

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Sovetsky Soyuz class battleships (1938)

Soviet Navy Stalin’s mighty battleships: In 1938, the final five-year plan, under the express direction of Stalin, included a fleet…

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Kirov class cruisers

Kirov class cruisers (1930) Soviet Navy Light cruisers (1930-60) Kirov, Frunze, Maxim Gorky, Molotov, Kaganovitch, Kalinin The Kirovs: Italian flavored…

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Profintern class cruisers

Profintern class cruisers Soviet Navy Chervona Ukrainia, Profintern, Krazny Krim The “admirals class” planned in 1913. The ships studied there…