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Sachsen class (1877)

Central Citadel Ironclads built 1874-83: SMS Sachsen, Bayern, Würtemberg, Baden. Service until 1910-1920 The Sachsen class were called “armored corvettes”,…

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USS Maine (1889)

USA – Armoured Cruiser 1888-1898 USS Maine was the first USN armoured cruiser made famous by the war she indirectly…

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HDMS Lindormen (1868)

Dansk marine – Ironclad (1868-1907) HDMS Lindormen was a Danish ironclad and monitor built for the Royal Danish Navy in…

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HMS Shannon

Armoured Cruiser HMS Shannon (1875) United Kingdom (1873-1899) The concept of the armoured cruiser had many origins and claiming nations….

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Pamiat Merkuria

Masted cruiser Pamiat Merkuria (1880) Russian Empire, 1879-1939 Pamiat Merkuria was the first “modern” iron hull unprotected masted Russian cruiser….

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Infanta Maria Teresa class cruisers (1890)

Infanta Maria Teresa class cruisers (1890) Spanish Armada (1888-1898): Armoured Cruisers Infanta Maria Teresa, Vizcaya, Almirante Oquendo If it is…

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Battleship USS Texas (1892)

USA – pre-dreadnought 1895-1911 USS Texas 1890 – The very first USN battleship. After the American Civil war ended in…

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Pelayo (1887)

Spanish pre-dreadnought Battleship (1885-1929) Pelayo was a French-built Battleship, first modern one in service with the Armada. A fitting subject…

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Svea class coast defence ships (1886)

Svea class coast defence ships (1886) Swedish Navy – Svea, Göta, Thule The Svea class armored ships (“pansarskepp”) of the…

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Vasco Da Gama (1875)

Vasco Da Gama (1875) – Armoured Corvette with a 58 years career Portugal – Ironclad 1875-1935 The Portuguese Ironclad In…