Yamato VR v.1

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Are you creating 3D models and want some exposure on this website ?
Naval Encyclopedia will release quite unique webVR naval experiences. There are now plenty of new opportunities to showcase great historical ships, with explanations and info panels, videos, photo galleries, etc. So join in, board now, and gave us your thoughts, ideas and feedback !

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Yamato | Furutaka | Seehund | Hood | Kaiten | Ships | losses | Koenigsberg | Kronstadt | HMAS Leander | Southampton | Sovietsky | Soyuz | Stalingrad | Vladivostock | U-class | sub | I-400 Sentokuhms gallant | A-Type midget sub | Essex | HMS Dreadnought | Caribean princess | USS Wichita | USS West Virginia | Gneisenau at seaSee also: https://www.yobi3d.com/q/3D-model/yamato