New Fleet ! The Croatian Navy

The Croatian Navy (abbreviated HRM for Hrvatska ratna mornarica) was formed in 1991 from the former Yugoslav Navy, after breakup of Yugoslavia and the Croatian War of Independence, which the new navy participated in actively with raids, sabotages and captures. It operates today a force of 30 vessels and 1,363 personal between the Flotilla and Coast Guard. It is a green water navy and regional Adriatic naval power with 1,777.3 kilometres (1,104.4 mi) of coastal area to defend, but only possesses five missile boats and a dozen of shore-base missile launchers, not including mobile ones. The HQ is based in Split and its Patron is St Nicholas with more yards and installations along the coast. Despite being so young, the Duchy of Croatia navy was one of the oldest standing navy in the west, dating back 800 AD. It was forcibly integrated into the Austro-Hungarian Empire in the 18th cent. until 1918. In Pola most of the former fleet was recaptured by a new tripartite state that became the interwar Kingdom of Yugoslavia… It’s also in Croatia that Giovanni Biagio Luppis von Rammer (Vukić), a Croatian officer, pioneered the earliest torpedo in 1860, the salvacoste, an idea refineded by John Whitehead at its Stabilimento Tecnico Fiumano in the 1870s… The full history, organization, bases, ships and assets of the Croatin Navy and coast guard.

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