Weekly Fleet ! Costa Rica Guarda Costas

Costa Rica is one of the rare countries that renounced its army in 1948 and only had since a “civil guard” also tasked of patrolling some 19,653 square miles of coastline bordered by lush jungle and rivers. It is as much used for off-shore police and counter-nartotics than intyernal security duties with more than 12 patrol boats and abour 300 personal. Thanks to US financial aid and transfers along the years, the Guarda Costas operates a flotilla of ex-US Coast Guard cutters now deployed on the Carribean and Pacific coasts. No ships is armed with more than machine guns and mortars and there is no dedicated naval air branch, although the country operates Sikorsky S-58s, Hughes 269C and Bell UH-1Bs. Full detail. https://naval-encyclopedia.com/cold-war/minor-navies.php#cos #coldwar #costarica #guardacostas #coastguard

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