Centaur class Aircraft Carriers (1947)

United Kingdom: 3 aircraft carriers: HMS Albion, Centaur, Bulwark, Hermes, 4 more cancelled

The first postwar British aircraft carriers

First cold war carriers, but also last to be started in WW2, the Centaur class was to be the third intermediate fleet carriers, after the Colossus and Majestic which gave their first carrier many cold war navies.

The eight “intermediary fleet carriers” program in 1943 comprised originally the three above, plus the Hermes (i) and (ii), Monmouth and Polyphemus. They were the third class of light flee aircraft carriers designed as a cheaper version of the large “standard” armoured fleet carriers, laid down from 1943, Colossus class, ten ships, and six Majestic class (launched 1944-45). The centaur group were designed in 1943 as an enlargement of the Colossus, from 13,200 tonnes to 18,300 tonnes and 224 m long instead of 211.

Design of the centaur class

Design of HMS Hermes (ex-Elephant)

Onboard Aviation

HMS Albion 1954-1972

HMS Bulwark 1954-1984

HMS Centaur 1953-1971

HMS Hermes 1959-1987 (INS Vikrant)


Specs Conway’s all the world fighting ships 1947-1991.

Wittelsbach specifications

Dimensions 162 x 24.5 x 8.70 m
Displacement 15 600t, 17 250t FL
Crew 1026
Propulsion 3 turbines, 18 Schultz-Thornycroft boilers, 34 000 hp
Speed 24.25 Noeuds ( km/h; mph)
Range 5,000 nautical miles () @10 knots
Armament 12 x 210 mm (6×2), 8 x 150 mm in barbettes, 16 x 88 mm Flak, 4 x 450 mm TT (sub)
Armor Barbettes 180 mm, Battery 140 mm, Belt 180 mm
County class missile destroyers (1960)

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