New Fleet ! – The Republic of China Navy (Taiwan)

The Republic of China Navy (Taiwan)

Given the still “hot” topic in geopolitics out of the Ukrainian invasion these days, looms the possibility of an invasion of Taiwan by China.
After seeing the PLAN or People Liberation Army Navy in detail the past years, it’s fitting to see its probable opponent, the ROCN.
In this article, we will see the very origin of both the post-revolutionary Navy in 1911, origins and occupation of Formosa, the WW2 navy and civil war split, ships attributed by the allies to the KMT and PRC in 1948-49, actions and losses, and the fundation of the new Republic of China Navy. The development of the fleet until today, difficult relations with the US, gradual sourcing outside the US and development of a local industry, current and future plans, organization and composition (including the Taiwanese Marines and Naval Air force).
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