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Naval Encyclopedia is currently out of drydock for maintenance and overhaul, and currently undergoing sea trials.
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Galveston (CLG) class Missile Cruisers (1958)

Cleveland class Missile Conversion SBC 140/140A 146/46A US Navy 1958-79: Galveston & Providence subclasses: USS Galveston, Little Rock, Oklahoma City,…

Chilean Navy – Cold War

Chile National Day ! New fleet: The Chilean Navy in the cold war (1947-1990): After the interwar only substantial naval…

IJN Akitsushima

Imperial Japanese Navy, protected cruiser (1890-1923) IJN Akistushima was the first Japanese-built, British-designed cruiser, with elements of USS Baltimore. Her…


About Naval Encyclopedia

Naval Encyclopedia is the first online warship museum. She was laid down in St Nazaire Yard back in September 1995, launched in December 1996 and completed in March 1997, with 1000+ crew for now, and counting. Dedicated to the history of all ships of the industrial era and 20th century, so 1820 to 1990, but also earlier times. The main difference for this early period is to study ships types through some famous examples. IS (“internet ship”) Naval Encyclopedia is constantly modified and upgraded since years. This current version is #5. After her last refit in 2021, the present ship is currenly in repair for battle damage and very extensive service, pleading for a much needed overhaul for the next five years of service. The crusty hull also needed serious scrapping to regain full speed. Numerous additions over the years also leads to a complete machinery overhaul.

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