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The Equadorian navy: The Ecuadorian Navy (Armada del Ecuador) is a green water navy tasked of the surveillance and protection of national waters, over a coastline of 2,237 km which and a plateau reaching far into the Pacific Ocean. For this, personal of 9,400 and 36 ships are necessary. All ships are prefixed B.A.E. (Buque de la Armada del Ecuador) and for the smaller, LAE (Lancha de la Armada del Ecuador). The Ecuadorian Navy (Armada Ecuatoriana initially) was created in 1823 as part of the “Gran Colombian fleet”. Under President Eloy Alfaro (1906–1911) it was reinforced by the torpedo ship Libertador Bolívar, and it was hope to rebuilt the navy. In 1832, the Ecuadorian Congress created and funded the Ecuadorian Maritime Department. On 25 July 1941, the Ecuadorian–Peruvian War saw the national gunboat Abdón Calderón (Rafael Morán Valverde) fighting at sea the Peruvian destroyer Almirante Villar, in the Jambeli channel. The duel was indecisive until the gunboat took refuge in the channels, unharmed while the other side claimed victory but the Peruvian destroyer apparently suffered damage. Anyway, Puerto Bolivar fell to the Peruvian troops two days later, ending the war… #coldwar #equador #equadoriannavy #armadaecuatoriana

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